A Look at Indian Outdoor Advertising Practices!

Published: 12th September 2011
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Advertising in India is one of the booming sectors of the overall economy of the country. For all these years, brands have been familiarized amongst customers through various advertising campaigns launched through numerous numbers of ad-channels. Outdoor Advertising is one of the oldest yet one of the successful modes of promoting a brand amongst target groups. Billboard ads, poster ads, kiosks ads, bus shelter ads, metro ads, mall ads etc. are few examples of Outdoor Advertising in India widely implemented by most of the brand owners. Earlier, traditional billboard and poster ads ruled the roost amongst the mediums of outdoor advertising. However, with the introduction of digital technology, billboards are now digitalized and poster ads are also quickly printed with rich induction of digital technology. In a nutshell, modern outdoor advertising in India is no more a mundane mode of brand promotion. Some of the chosen avenues of outdoor advertising in India are-

Airport Advertising

The growing trend of airport advertising practices in India is yet to increase in the coming years. The launch and renovation of various airports in various Indian cities have promoted the interest of International and domestic brand owners to advertise their brands at the airport sites. Airport Advertising is an effective practice as this media targets rich people with easy spending capacities. Airport Ads also provide rich impact on customers’ mind being launched through rich media. The brand message stays back in customers’ mind for a longer period of time.

Mall Advertising

Like Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising is a fast emerging avenue of outdoor mode of brand promotion in India. Mall culture is fast spreading at every nook and corner of India. The growth in real estate industry also indirectly affects the growth in mall culture. With more and more residential colonies upcoming in the various Indian cities, shopping malls become more important to meet the day to day requirement of those who are newly accommodated at the new residential colonies. Advertising naturally becomes a preferred marketing tool for those brand owners who want to advertise their brands at the various shopping malls. People visit shopping malls to shop, eat, watch movie or simply to hang out with friends or families. Mall Ads engage their attention while loitering around the mall area and thus convey the brand message.

Metro Advertising

Metro rail services are one of the preferred modes of transportation for majority of the population especially in the capital city. The growing numbers of metro stations in the city equally provide brand owners striking opportunities to advertise their brands and communicate the message to lacs of people every day.

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